Scott A. F.

Pop, Singer / Songwriter, Soul // Winfield, KS

Nate Laughlin

Acoustic Pop // Edmond, OK

Theatre Breaks loose

Rock // Oklahoma City, OK

We Believe

We are a boutique style artist management company. A big advantage to this style of management is you are not one of many other artist on a over crowed roster, you are family. In order to completely understand our perspective on artist management you have to understand the heart and the foundation of this company. J. Nathanael was founded out of adversity to be a new standard in this industry. A standard where greed, hidden agendas, and any form of dishonest or unethical activity are not allowed. This new standard we are setting demands honesty, requires integrity, and clearly defines the lines of trust. Having someone on your side that embraces these core values is a major advantage to any artist.

We truly believe in the principles of teamwork and do not support the ideology of any management company that considers artist management a superior position. Over crowded rosters and lack of teamwork principles from many record and management companies have led to many artists feeling like their opinion doesn’t matter and they are only a puppet on a string. This is precisely what makes us truly unique. As an invested partner, we really do care about the lives and careers of the artist we choose to work with and represent. We are prepared to give you the SUPPORT ,(Sincerity, Uniqueness, Perseverance, Passion, Organization, Recognition, and Trust) that every artist needs to truly TURN IT UP!!!